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Property Management and Maintenance


  • Lack of Transparency

  • Inefficient Processes

  • Limited Tenant Engage

  • Reactive Maintenance

We have spent several years working with property management companies handling their maintenance and repair issues and have learned a great deal about property management.


What we have learned is that there are several factors that the same old management practices are failing to meet the evolving needs of owners and tenants.

It's time for a fresh approach to address these challenges by embracing innovation and adopting new strategies to deliver exceptional value and experiences for property owners, tenants and communities.



Lack of Transparency

Traditional property management often operates in bubbles, leaving property owners and tenants in the dark when it comes to crucial information about their assets or the services they receive.


It's time to break down these barriers and create a transparent ecosystem where everyone has access to real-time data and insights.


Inefficient Processes

Outdated manual processes and paperwork can hinder efficiency and productivity in property


With the rise of automation and digitalization, we can streamline workflows, improve communication, and reduce administrative burdens.


It's time to embrace technology solutions that simplify tasks and empower owners/landlord to focus on strategic decision-making.


Limited Tenant Engagement

Tenant expectations have evolved, and they now demand a more engaging and personalized


Traditional property management often falls short in delivering exceptional customer service and fostering tenant satisfaction.


By leveraging technology-driven platforms and
proactive communication channels, we can enhance tenant engagement, build stronger relationships, and create vibrant communities.


Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance approaches can lead to costly repairs, unsatisfied tenants, and property devaluation.


It's time to shift from a reactive mindset to a proactive one by leveraging data analytics and predictive maintenance.


By identifying issues before they escalate, we can ensure optimal property performance, minimize downtime, and deliver a better overall experience.



Our primary mission is to revolutionize the Owner/Landlord - Tenant Experience.

We have put systems in place to streamline processes such as a tenant portal where tenants can submit work order requests 24/7/365.

Serving Brookings and Harbor Area  |  Southern Oregon Coast

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Track Work Orders Faster

We take pride in documenting every resident call and every work order placed.

Nothing Slips Through the Cracks

We provide full visibility into what work orders need your attention so that we can provide the best customer service in town.


View all your work orders and their status in your client dashboard.

No More Emergency Calls

Protect yourself from maintenance calls while delivering rapid response times for residents.


We offer a 60-minute response time, 24/7/365, and you have full control over your emergency rules.

Fix Issues Up Front

Drive the best outcomes for owners and tenants by using expert troubleshooters to fix maintenance problems before a dispatch is needed.

Inspections, Inspections, Inspections!

We are inspection crazy! We believe and know that Inspections are key to property protection, tenant satisfaction and overall cost reduction.


And we have software in place to do inspections and fully track and document our findings. Our team are experts in identifying problems and potential problems.


We do monthly driveby inspections. Move in/out inspections. Bi- annual inspections. Maintenance inspections.


We even have an app. that walks tenants through doing their own inspections complete with photo documentation.


We are big on automation and we automate everything possible.


Including our maintenance and repair services, dispatching, vendor management, scheduling, work order request, reminders, follow-ups and of course inspections.

Cost Reduction

We take every step possible to lower cost without compromising quality. By having systems in place to streamline processes and online diagnostics and troubleshooting.

We standardize maintenance and repairs wherever possible. This includes buying in bulk most commonly used parts and materials from wholesale distributors.

We’ve even partnered with companies like Rentec Direct (link) for rent collection, tenant screening and rental housing accounting. Lemonade (link) for renters insurance. Jobber for work order, maintenance/repair management and technician tracking.


Virtually eliminating the need for traditional property management companies.

Mr Fix It Essential Services provides a unique and affordable approach to helping busy income property owners and seniors live a worry-free life by offering trustworthy rental property maintenance management, home repairs and senior modification services.


Helping you maintain your home both inside and out, our services services include: inspections, tenant work request, turnovers, remodels, mold testing and removal, preventative home maintenance programs, seasonal work, and senior modification services, all handled by a professional, bonded and insured Mr Fix It Essential Services Technician.

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