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Rental Portfolio Maintenance Management Program



It can be tricky, time consuming, and expensive to be ready for maintenance requests at any time of the day or night.


Our maintenance coordination services cover the full process, from open to close, so you don’t have to — and all for an affordable price.


Maintenance coordination is the process of handling everything related to the physical upkeep of a residential property.


This includes identifying, scheduling, resolving, and following up on needed
repairs to keep properties in great shape.


Mr Fix It Essential Services handles this entire job for you from beginning to end.



Let’s say it’s 2:30 p.m. and you have a big project you’re spending time on at work.


Suddenly your phone rings, and one of your tenants tells you that it looks like the toilet’s broken. They think it’s serious and need you to drop what you’re doing to take care of it right now, as it’s the only toilet in their living space.


On top of that, you still have those two exterior lights from your other property that you haven’t had time to get fixed quite yet. It feels like the work continues to pile up, so how do you balance your daily job with property maintenance?

With Mr Fix It Essential Services, your tenants communicate with us directly. We take care of
everything from open to close so you know we’re covering their needs for you.


We’ll take the call and
handle it all.


Your tenant goes into the bathroom, sees a problem, and contacts us (on the phone or online).


We start the coordination process and ensure quick response times, getting them fast help when they
need it most.



We use our exhaustive diagnosis process to identify the problem and severity.


For example, we’d make sure that the report of a flooding toilet is not just a loose handle.


This way, we have crystal-clear information for you and any potential service providers.


Troubleshooting and Damage Mitigation

If the problem can be fixed remotely, we’ll help your tenant solve the problem to keep service costs low.


With an active water leak, we would need to send in a professional — but before that, would help your tenant shut off the water so the water leak doesn’t turn into a flooring restoration as well.



We’ll match work orders with a qualified plumber, either from our own vendor network or your own
preferred vendor list.


Then, we reach out to the provider to ensure the work can be done within your approved budget and send them to your property.



A qualified technician will visit your property to assess and resolve the maintenance issue.


Once the work is completed, we’ll follow up with the tenant and the technician to verify that the work has been done correctly and within the approved budget.


The technician can even submit pictures as proof of completion, giving you full transparency on the results.


Work Order Finished

We’ll log all final information about the work order in your online portal.


Here, you’ll have a complete history of the entire process from start to finish.


Serving Brookings and Harbor Area  |  Southern Oregon Coast



Know Your Responsibilities

Successful property maintenance includes knowing the laws and guidelines that apply to rentals in your area. After all, this knowledge is a big selling point for owners who do not have the time or desire to keep up with changing regulations themselves.


In general, a rental must maintain specific standards of habitability to operate legally. Therefore, as a property maintenance manager, it is vital to communicate these needs to the owner and ensure legal compliance at all times.

Schedule Inspections

During the course of the lease, several inspections are necessary. Typically, property managers perform inspections to check on the property condition, address any unreported repair needs, and perform routine maintenance.

In addition, move-in and move-out inspections allow property managers to determine tenant damage and potentially deduct from the deposit.

When conducting an inspection, we use a detailed checklist and take photos or videos to document the property condition further.


Also, we schedule a semi-annual or annual property check, being sure to give a minimum of 24 hours notice to the tenant as they have a right to be present for any inspection.

Plan for Routine Maintenance

Major systems like the HVAC, plumbing, or water heater equate to major bills if things go wrong. In addition to big-ticket items, routine maintenance can include seasonal tasks such as cleaning the gutters annually to prevent water damage.

So, it is helpful when property managers take a proactive approach to rental maintenance. Since maintenance tasks can quickly become overwhelming the more properties you have, it helps to build a schedule and set up reminders in your calendar.


Another great option if owners agree is to set up maintenance
contracts with vendors. Thus, adding another layer of protection to ensure major systems stay operating at peak performance year-round.

Promptly Respond to Repair Requests

Repair requests can come at any moment throughout the day or night. Therefore, we have processes in place to handle all sorts of requests 24/7. While some repairs do require immediate action, all requests must receive a timely response of some kind.


As a property maintenance manager, managing rental maintenance relies on organization and strong relationships with various vendors. These relationships allow us to call on vetted and experienced vendors to handle any repair.


Whether it is a burnt-out light fixture or a burst pipe, communication is critical. So, we always keep tenants informed of our progress and anticipated actions along the way.


Even if it takes a few days to complete more extensive repairs, tenants will appreciate knowing someone is working diligently on a solution.

Track and Mitigate Expenses

One role for property managers is to manage and mitigate expenses because excessive repairs can wreak havoc on an owner’s profits. So, the key here is efficiency and proactive measures. That said, some of the steps we can take include –

  • Proactive Prevention – Staying on top of regular maintenance goes a long way to control costs and prevent more significant problems from occurring down the road. So, periodically conduct inspections to confirm lease compliance and address any unreported maintenance concerns.

  • Foster Relationships – Building relationships is vital whether you have access to in-house maintenance or rely on qualified vendors. After all, as a property manager, these are the people you turn to in an hour of need.

  • Tracking Expenses – For property owners, every dollar counts. That said, property managers should carefully track and verify all invoices and itemized repair orders. For larger repairs, getting multiple estimates can help owners make the most financially sound decision.

Utilize Available Technology

Technology has made so many property management tasks more efficient and organized, including managing rental maintenance. So, to be successful, leverage what technology provides to streamline everyday tasks such as –

  • Submitting Maintenance Requests – Tenants’ ability to submit repair requests electronically is very convenient for all involved. For managers, this saves the manual time needed to enter requests and allows tenants to provide additional details such as photos quickly.

  • Maintenance Tracking – Through property maintenance software, we can track and follow up on repair progress, assign tasks to various vendors, and view and share invoices or estimates.

  • Improved Connectivity – Integrated management software allows managers to easily share documents, invoices, or messages with you, owners or tenants at the touch of a button.

  • Automation – Mundane or repetitive tasks take up considerable time for property managers. However, technology can automate much of this, freeing up valuable time to focus on more pressing matters.

Mr Fix It Essential Services can handle all the above and
more for you!

Our Rental Portfolio Maintenance Management Program Includes:

  • Handling Work Order Request From Tenants with a Minimum 24 hour response time

  • Exhaustive emergency diagnosis and smart troubleshooting

  • Emergency dispatch

  • Scheduling Work to be done

  • Organizing and Creating Workflows

  • Overseeing Work being done either by In house Staff, Contractors.

  • Sub-contractors, vendors and Cleaners (continued next page)

  • Move out Inspections

  • Move In Inspections

  • Monthly Drive Bys

  • Annual Inspections (Bi-Annual at an additional charge) including

  • scheduling and reminders.

  • Emergency and After hours Request with a dedicated phone number for handling such request

  • An Online Tenant Request Form with the ability to upload photos

  • Scheduling of Routine Maintenance: Gutter Cleaning, Yard Maintenance Pressure Washing, Multi Unit Common Areas etc.

  • Tenant vs Owner Responsibilities Determinations

Our pricing is Straightforward and Simple:

  • $95 per month: Includes:  Detailed Bi Annual Inspections, Monthly Drive By Inspections. Full Inspection Reports including photos, 24/7 Emergency Response, Client hub to view all activity including request, invoices, quotes, reports, etc. Online tenant work request form and a dedicated phone# for texts.

  • 12% of Contracted Services by outside contractors. Includes: Vetting contractors, scheduling with tenants, overseeing work being performed, follow ups, and periodic / final inspections.

  • $125 / hour for in-house service technicians ($65 / hour for additional each technician if needed for job type)

We understand that all your rental properties may not be a good fit for this program, that some lower end and vacation rentals may need to be handled on a case by case basis.

Although we additionally provide many of the repair and maintenance services that may arise which we are more than happy to provide, we also understand that you may have workers, contractors and / or In House Staff you are familiar with and like to use and that's ok. Just let us know and we can assign the work to them.

We also can provide estimates for larger projects and remodels. We use “Clear Estimates” software which tracks the areas going rates to assure you are getting the fairest value.


We are also “Certified Mold Inspection, Testing and Remediation Specialist”

Contact us today for more Information on how we can help you manage your rental maintenance needs and take back control of your time

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