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About Mr. Fix-It


Our Story


My name is Harold Bailey, I am the visionary and creater of a company known as Mr Fix It Essential Services.

I am not your typical repairman, I actually do this work because I love it, not because I have to.

You see 37 years ago I started in the automotive industry a troubleshooter for a major auto manufacturer and a brief stent as a industrial education instructor in the college systems, and realized I wasn’t satisfied.


Sure I was good at what I did and the pay was great, but there was just something missing.


So I decided to open my own repair shop which specialized in RV Repair. I know that’s an odd choice but- Repairing RVs for over 30 years gave me a wide range of expertise in areas such as plumbing, electrical, fabrication, appliance repair, etc.


Then the industry changed, Rvs that use to be well crafted luxury items became mass produce junk and low income housing.

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Harold Bailey

Owner | Mr. Fix-It Essential Services



What to do now I asked myself and others who knew me well. I still loved working with my hands and helping people.


So I became Mr Fix It and Mr Fix It Essential Services was born. Now I love what I do and with our highly skilled and talented team we've developed the skills to repair, service, maintain and manage just about anything housing related.


Just like our name implies, we want to provide Essential Services to landlords, tenants and homeowners.


We believe in taking a pro-active vs. re-active approach to housing maintenance, repair and management.

Serving Brookings and Harbor Area  |  Southern Oregon Coast

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Mr Fix It Essential Services provides a unique and affordable approach to helping busy income property owners and seniors live a worry-free life by offering trustworthy rental property maintenance management, home repairs and senior modification services.


Helping you maintain your home both inside and out, our services services include: inspections, tenant work request, turnovers, remodels, mold testing and removal, preventative home maintenance programs, seasonal work, and senior modification services, all handled by a professional, bonded and insured Mr Fix It Essential Services Technician.

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